Case Studies

Over 20 Years Experience in Coaching Has Taught Us a Few Things

Read more about some of our clients, and how we were able to change their companies in numerous ways.

J.Edgar Group, PLLC Case Study

Background: An organization in its infancy, J. Edgar Group was struggling to identify which area to focus its public accounting services and energy. The three-year-old firm was holding its own, but not growing or meeting its owner’s expectations. J. Edgar Group...

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Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. Case Study

Background: Despite being a strong company performing well in their industry, the leadership team at Next Step recognized the need to take their business to the next level and make their company and employees even more successful. The management team members’...

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Executive Angus Douglas Case Study

Background: At the time Angus Douglas reached out to Sojourn Partners, he was doing well but had become stagnant in his career. He had lost sight of his goals and did not have a clear vision for what he could accomplish with his talents and skill set. He was in the...

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