Customized Coaching Programs

When Cookie Cutter Programs Aren’t for You

Design coaching to fit the needs of your leadership, the culture of your organization and the challenges of tomorrow.

Looking at your leadership team you see many varied strengths and many varied areas for growth. Your people deserve an approach that will best support where they are in their growth and help them stretch to their fullest potential.

Many coaching programs approach every organization the same exact way leaving little ability to adjust to the needs of their clients. You need someone that will partner with you to determine not only the optimal approach for the individuals on your team but also the right approach for your organization, upcoming challenges, and budget.

Each organization, team and individual requires a customized approach with a partner that can apply the coaching tools in a way that is relevant and real-time for your teams. Co-designing programs combines what you know you need with solutions that are proven yet adaptable to deepen the impact within your organization.

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Meet the needs of your organization with a partner that listens, adjusts, and delivers.

By co-designing the solution you can create relevant coaching that can shift mindsets within months of implementation. Imagine your leaders equipped with the tools they need to face all challenges with confidence, openness, and intention, creating deep impact within all areas of your organization.

“Sojourn’s strategic approach allows my team to grow and develop with a plan, and with confidence.” – Dan Potter, RedBlack Software

For the past 20 years, Sojourn has provided customized coaching programs to hundreds of individuals, helping them to transform themselves and their teams into highly functioning, productive teams.

Organizations have partnered with Sojourn to grow and support their leaders on all levels. Hitachi, Concord Regional VNA, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) and Southern New Hampshire University are just some of the organizations who have utilized Sojourn’s customized coaching programs.

Let us help you:

  • Design a customized program to grow and strengthen your team
  • Adjust content to fit your company’s needs
  • Develop and apply tools that will drive solutions within your organization.

How Coaching Has Helped

“Sojourn has positively affected every Executive and Manager at GSSI, because their coaching is personal, insightful, challenging – and it works.”

Chris Hawekotte
President, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

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The Value You Get

You’ll see results within the first 6 months. When you engage Sojourn for a customized coaching program, you will get personalized attention specific to your executives’ individual development needs.

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