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Cultivate confidence and maturity that impacts and influences your bottom line.

Picture your people: they’re great but not quite ready to lead with confidence. You have a vision for the future yet your team struggles with managing change, growth, and others. You’re not alone. Today’s leaders are required to navigate complex conversations, delegate instead of do, and get results through inspiration and motivation. All while minimizing drama.

In reality, your team is ready, but they need to build confidence in themselves as well as your confidence in them. This can be developed through safe, practical, and applied experience. Gaining that experience “on the job” can feel risky to you, your leaders, and your team, but it doesn’t have to be.

Now imagine your leaders were ready to navigate practically anything the future throws at them. That’s where we can help.

Accelerate your leadership bench.

Level up your leadership fast, build capacity, and see results in the time it takes most organizations to realize they have a problem. Picture your team engaged and performing at their potential. You’ve reduced the drama, your company culture is solid, and your leaders are confident to push the bounds of what’s possible.

“Sojourn Leadership Development Program…built a confidence and fortitude in our management team.” – Jennifer Harnish BNN

For 20 years organizations have partnered with Sojourn to customize experiential learning that they apply both real-time and over-time.

These organizations then experience optimal adoption of leadership mindsets, tools and support. Organizations use us to transform into a leadership culture. Delivered to thousands of employees, for-profit and non-profit organizations, including MEMIC Insurance, Concord Regional VNA, Business and Industry Association, Baker Newman Noyes (BNN), Mclane Law Firm, Manchester Health Department and Catholic Medical Center.

Focus on the work that matters as we develop your leadership program and guide you though:

  • Identifying the competencies and cultural needs that drive your business
  • Customizing an experiential program that support those competencies real time
  • Stress free program administration
  • A comprehensive understanding of themes and opportunities that will guide your culture

How Custom Leadership Development Has Helped

“It gave me self-awareness to shed light on my most positive attributes, which include confidence in my abilities and advocating for myself. In fact, I was promoted to Associate Executive Director of the March of Dimes Northern New England Market within 3 months after completion of the program as I was able to put the skills learned into practice.”

Michelle O’Malley
Associate Executive Director Northern New England Market for the March of Dimes

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The Value You Get

You build and practice a leadership culture that gets results.

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