Team Coaching

Team Disconnection = Missed Opportunities

A vibrant and aligned team will create bigger opportunities for your organization.

Innovation, decision making, and alignment get harder as teams get larger. The complexity and intensity lead to confusion.

Teams are messy– with multiple personalities, agendas, and experience levels, it’s hard to figure it all out.

When team members are not connected, hours, days, weeks of energy is wasted. Deadlines are missed, results weakened, and turnover is rampant.

We help you build teams that get results by getting real.

Build a team that works toward your agenda through openness, honesty and transparency. Imagine your team being highly effective, authentically happy, and modeling this behavior throughout the entire organization.

“Sojourn has fundamentally shaped our leadership team and it has powerfully transformed our company.” – Matt Albuquerque, Owner/Vice President, Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics

For the past 20 years, Sojourn has partnered with organizations to transform their executive teams through custom interventions that create alignment, connection, and support.

Organizations have used us to transform their team culture and create success. We have been engaged by teams in almost every industry including but not limited to healthcare, banking, finance, legal, accounting, technology,  engineering, manufacturing, construction, professional services and more.

You will work with us to:

  • Determine what success looks like for your team
  • Design meetings that facilitate a safe environment to productively work on getting better
  • Roll out changes over time to address challenges as they happen

How Coaching Has Helped

“As we change and grow as a firm, we will always seek out the assistance of Sojourn Partners. Our engagement together has helped the firm to reach it’s goals.”

Joanne L. Edgar, CPA
President of J. Edgar Group PLLC

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The Value You Get

You will see results within the first 3 meetings. When you engage us to work with your team you have an objective partner.

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