Workplace Mindfulness Training

Build a Culture of Mindful Leaders

Leaders that are present and grounded lead with a focus and clarity that brings alignment.

Organizations with leaders who are distracted, stressed, and unpredictable cause confusion, disconnectedness, and tension within their teams. This leads to high turnover, lack of productivity, and profits take a hit.

When companies continue to go down a path of chaos where people work harder, not smarter, communication breaks down, as do relationships. Key people inevitably start looking for another job.

When leaders cultivate their own mindfulness, they bring out their most productive selves by helping their brains function more optimally, tapping into the abilities to be better able to read the room, read the marketplace, and understand their own needs, biases, and motivations.

You’ll notice a difference in minutes that you can practice for years.

Imagine your employees focused, productive, and positive.

“Perspective, knowledge, vision and enthusiasm – that’s what Sojourn Partners brings to the table.” – Angus Douglas, Executive

For over a decade, we have been cultivating mindfulness through employee programs, leadership development training, one-on-one executive coaching and team building for organizations.

These organizations include Southern New Hampshire Health Services, Riverstone, NHBSR, Mclane Law Firm, Geneia, New England Backflow and Southern New Hampshire University. This has helped teams improve well being, leadership presence and emotional management.

By bringing in mindfulness your organization you will:

  • Tap into the mind/body connection to enhance self-awareness, focus, and connectivity
  • Build a toolbox of mindfulness practices that can be used anywhere from managing customer relationships to individualized daily stress reduction
  • Integrate mindfulness tools into everyday practices that enhance the ability to be present in how you speak, listen, and understand.
  • Help create a more compassionate culture

How Custom Leadership Development Has Helped

“Not only do I feel like I will bring more inspiration back to my team, I know how to more authentically connect with them. The Conscious Leadership program gave me a sense of empowerment and clarity that lets me know when I am being reactive and what to do about it. I would recommend this retreat for any leader or business owner who wants to enhance their ability to be mindful, helping them to think more strategically.”

Nicole M.

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The Value You Get

Develop mindfulness practices that not only help with feeling calmer and more collected at work but in every area of life. The more you practice, the more benefit you will see.

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