Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Engage Your Team No Matter Where They Are Located

Connect your team with virtual training and spreading leadership skills across multiple locations.

Your team is expanding, perhaps with multiple locations, regionally or across the world. Leaders still need access to learn and grow together in an environment that is experiential and relevant to your company’s challenges.

Webinars won’t cut it. Although with good intentions, participants will multitask and miss most of the information. In addition, they will not engage with one another in a meaningful way.

Team members in multiple locations can feel disconnected from one another. When this happens employees waste time and energy on conflicts that could be avoided if people felt a sense of knowing one another and belonging. Coupled with the tools for better communication, teams with multiple locations can learn, grow, and build powerful connections.

Inclusive virtual training is a method that deploys the leadership competencies your company needs to succeed while helping your employees get to know one another in a meaningful way. This method combines a proven facilitation style that fosters a feeling of involvement and connection that can’t be done over the phone.

Connect your team no matter where they are for meaningful and interactive development.

Imagine increasing the connection, engagement, and productivity of your employees all over the world.

“Sojourn has positively affected every Executive and Manager at GSSI, because their coaching is personal, insightful, challenging – and it works.” – Chris Hawekotte, President, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc

Over the last 5 years, we’ve been perfecting the art of teaching and coaching through inclusive virtual training.

Working with companies like Southern New Hampshire University, Geneia, and Redblack Software, we have been able to connect hundreds of people to the leadership concepts that help them build better teams and to each other—no matter what country they’re in.

Our unique and personalized coaching offers you more:

  • Stakeholders identify the core competencies they need to deploy and select the team members from multiple locations that would most benefit from building connections
  • Video conferencing sessions are deployed for groups of 12 or less
  • Small breakout rooms are utilized to ensure in-depth discussions and real-time application to the materials

How Coaching Has Helped

“Russ Ouellette is recognized in various mutual circles as a practiced professional in high-performance coaching, executive leadership, and organizational development. His team has, in their own right, levels of expertise that range across the spectrum of management.”

Paul LeBlanc
President, Southern New Hampshire University

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Get the education, connectivity and increased productivity your teams need to thrive.

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