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Where are your executive team’s edges or gaps in leadership?

Knowing them and engaging them in their own development improves results as well as retention. Prepare them for positive tenure with you. When planning for the future, knowing where the next leadership bench coming from is critical.

You have some great technical talent that landed them on the leadership team, but how do you measure and address your team’s leadership effectiveness and competencies? You do it with a combination of team engagement and leadership assessment tools.

If you’re worried about who will succeed in leadership, retaining top talent, and motivating your leaders to act as one cohesive team, then you need to measure those areas and engage a program to drive those results.

Some of what we provide: 360 degree, Emotional Intelligence, The Leadership Circle, People Map, Hogan, or Collective Leadership Assessment.

Assessments provide you with tangible benchmarks so your team can get even better.

Results can be immediate as your leaders are all laser-focused on their behavior—and impact.

“Sojourn’s 360 assessment process is nothing like we have seen before, because it was as real and supportive as can be. Love that we did it together as a team, and you brought us through it.”

Sojourn’s leadership assessment services act as a starting point to supplement your leadership experience and growth.

Baker Newman Noyes (BNN), GSSI, MEMIC and Manchester Health Department, and Concord Regional VNA are some of our leadership assessment customers who leverage themselves to be the solution.

We can help develop your team with our proven approach:

  • We listen to your situation and make recommendations of which tool and what training supports your goals
  • We handle all administration, deployment and scheduling so you can focus on the development
  • We explain it all to you, debrief your team, and facilitate all team learning

How Custom Leadership Development Has Helped

“I think you, Heather and Trinnie should feel good about the role you had in shaping the GSSI management team.”

Chris Hawekotte
President, GSSI, 2019 Business NH Magazine Best Company to Work For Award Recipient

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