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AllCoach represents Sojourn Partners’ newest service offering that focuses on employee well-being.

This laser-focused, flexible coaching service is designed to help your employees and managers efficiently navigate the professional and personal challenges that are keeping them from success.

AllCoach is:

  • Flexible – coaching sessions are scheduled based on coach/participant availability within 1-2 business days
  • Confidential – private, one-on-one coaching calls and video conferencing with an experienced Sojourn coach
  • Proactive – emphasizes building employee loyalty and increasing productivity
  • Focused – offers coaching for up to 50 of your employees that is customized for each team member’s professional challenges

How it works:

  • Orientation – AllCoach starts with a company-wide Zoom orientation session that covers services and how best to utilize the available coaching
  • Scheduling – based on the number of employees you have, a block of hours will be reserved for you and available within one business day
  • Bi-weekly check-in – company stakeholders connect with Sojourn to learn about how much the service is being used, themes or trends that are most common and additional internal supports that might be useful
  • Monthly e-mails –for all participating employees that include tips and tools, reminders of the available supports and advice for team members new to coaching on maximizing the services


  • Our highly trained and experienced coaches will customize the topics to be covered, choosing what works best for each employer
  • We’ll work with employers to select from nearly 100 specific topics relating to overall well-being, self success and leadership skills
  • Interested employers are encouraged to schedule a consultation to discuss what the specific program should emphasize. Contact us at 603.232.9403 or [email protected]


Employees get out of their head and on the track to productivity faster

Imagine what it would be like to help your employees learn how to problem solve and build a culture that knows how to support each other, approach challenges and work together without drama.

“Using my coach to brainstorm how to handle employee situations was so valuble.” – Andrea Deshaies, NextStep

For the past 20 years, Sojourn has provided coaching to hundreds of individuals helping them to transform themselves and their teams into highly functioning, productive teams.

Organizations have partnered with Sojourn to grow and support their leaders on all levels. Companies like Southern New Hampshire University, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc and UNUM have utilized our experienced coaches to help them improve employee engagement and team impact. 

Deploying AllCoach is easy

  • Launch AllCoach through a virtual zoom or in-person orientation
  • Employees schedule one-on-one confidential coaching sessions as they need it
  • Our team helps them process the challenge at hand providing alternative perspectives and leadership tools they can deploy
  • Leaders receive thematic insights into cultural challenges, employee training needs and their overall leadership impact.

How Coaching Has Helped

“Sojourn has positively affected every Executive and Manager at GSSI, because their coaching is personal, insightful, challenging – and it works.”

Chris Hawekotte
President, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

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The Value You Get

You’ll see results within the first 6 months. When you engage Sojourn, you will get personalized attention specific to your employees’ individual development needs.

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