In Person Coaching

Increase Leadership Competencies While Building Solid Team Connections

Bring your people together face-to-face for a dynamic learning experience.

In today’s world, we are constantly distracted and unaligned, making the need to bring teams together all the more important. Nothing can replace the in-person connection that happens naturally between people as they learn, discuss, and then hopefully break bread with one another for casual conversation.

This “knowing of people” helps your team members build connections that are authentic and can withstand the pressures of constant work challenges.

When people don’t truly see one another as good people they tend to assume malicious intent—wasting the time and energy of your team. One way to prevent this is to get your team together, over time and, if possible, in-person. This allows for an organic connection that creates trust and appreciation for the talents and values of others. Blending this with the leadership tools that help your team create a vision and understanding of self and others to move forward into action with focus and perseverance.

Being together and getting real will accelerate your teams’ impact.

Imagine what it would be like to have your team rowing in the same direction.

“Sojourn has positively affected every Executive and Manager at GSSI, because their coaching is personal, insightful, challenging – and it works.” – Chris Hawekotte, President, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

For 20 years Sojourn Partners has been delivering high-quality coaching and programs in-person, virtually, and a combination of both.

Our in-person experience is by far our favorite method, especially when we are able to partner with teams over time helping them apply tools and grow together. We have delivered in-person events for organizations all over the world including The New School Rome, The Royal Danish Embassy Cairo, Baker Newman Noyes (BNN), MEMIC, SNHU, Catholic Medical Center and the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire.

In-person coaching will realize real conversations and help:

  • Realize collective agendas
  • Create deeper realization, trust and respect for one another
  • Accountability, accountability, accountability!

How Coaching Has Helped

“Sojourn Partners has been a true partner in developing our leaders at BNN…Relevant and practical hands-on learning…built a level of confidence and fortitude in our teams.”

Jennifer Harnish
Director of Human Resources, Baker Newman Noyes

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The Value You Get

Build long lasting relationships and support far after your program has finished with an authentic leadership experience.

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