Executive Coaching

Excellent Leaders Get Results

Cultivate leaders that have a vision and the emotional intelligence to inspire, motivate, and move others to action.

Your leadership team is great at the tactical, but they need help learning how to navigate the complexity of people, politics, and change. Your mentoring helps, but they need more objective, individualized guidance in how to confidently lead and influence their people.

When your leaders are forced to navigate the challenges of growth and change without support they question themselves, micromanage their people, and play defense with their peers. This causes confusion and infighting, and leads to a blurred vision, missed targets, and high employee turnover.

Executive coaching gets your leaders to their place of power faster. Your leaders can be more effective by gaining clarity to their overall purpose, overcoming dysfunctional patterns, and learning tools to communicate, inspire, and bring themselves and others to action.

Leaders that grow, drive your bottom line.

Build leaders that set clear goals, remove drama, and get the team over the finish line. Imagine what it would be like to have leaders that lead, truly stepping into their power, grounded in their approach to challenges, confidently communicating with and cultivating the talent of everyone around them.

“Using my coach to brainstorm how to handle employee situations was so valuble.” – Andrea Deshaies, NextStep

For the past 20 years, Sojourn has provided coaching to hundreds of individuals helping them to transform themselves and their teams into highly functioning, productive teams.

Organizations have partnered with Sojourn to grow and support their leaders on all levels. UNUM, Genia, Hitachi, Concord Regional VNA and Southern New Hampshire University are just some of the organizations who have utilized Sojourns coaching programs.

Just some of the ways Sojourn can assist your team:

  • With our help, you set your manager/leader development goals
  • We meet with you and your leader to design the alliance for rapid growth
  • We take it from here, coaching to their goals, values, and desired outcomes
  • Meet with you and your leader again for further focus on development trajectory

How Coaching Has Helped

“Sojourn has positively affected every Executive and Manager at GSSI, because their coaching is personal, insightful, challenging – and it works.”

Chris Hawekotte
President, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

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The Value You Get

You’ll see results within the first 6 months. When you engage a Sojourn coach, you will get personalized attention specific to your executives’ individual development needs.

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