Strategic Planning

Predict Your Organization's Destiny

Reach your organization’s potential through objectivity, collaboration, and focus.

You have an idea of your strategic direction, but no plan on how to get there. You want everyone to be focused and rowing in the same direction, but as a team, you’re not aligned towards your big vision.

It feels like a huge effort with too many people and too much information. You don’t know where to begin, but we do. Your team has the right answers, they just need to be drawn out and organized in an unbiased way.

In a few months, your team can have a clear path for the next 5 years and a direct operational plan to get there. You can all start rowing together. You just need help sifting, shaping, organizing and documenting the actions to get there. Your team will be hopeful and excited about the future.

In addition to offering on-site strategic planning, we’ve launched AllStrategy to guide your dispersed work teams in developing your new strategic objectives and priorities into the future.

In just a few weeks, we can help get you on track to reaching your organization’s potential.

Imagine a plan you believe in. A plan that your team fully owns that engages your organization in creating the right answers. No confusion about what to do or who is accountable for making it happen.
“Sojourn’s strategic approach allows my team to dream, with a plan, and with confidence.” – Dan Potter, RedBlack Software

For over 20 years, our team has developed strategic programs and retreats for organizations, leadership teams, and Boards of Directors to build alignment and confidence for growth and change.

Sojourn has created strategies with for-profit, non-profit and municipalities, including Red Black Software, Granite United Way, Manchester Health Department.

Our strategic planning process will help you:

  • Stay focused on strategic thinking while we stay focused on the process, tools, and planning experience
  • Manage and engage your team to ensure involvement and alignment
  • Co-design accountability for finishing the plan
  • Guide you step by step through documented findings, design tools, and learning
  • Design an organizational plan to realize your planned vision

How Custom Leadership Development Has Helped

“Through a Kresge Foundation grant, we hired Sojourn Partners in a one of a kind project to combine strategic planning with leadership development. It exceeded all our expectations. We walked away with a dynamic plan, we transformed our team for change, built our leadership confidence, and set a course for being the Chief Health Strategist and Neighborhood Catalyst for Manchester NH. Thanks Sojourn, Russ and Trinnie, loved our work together.”

Tim Soucy and Anna Thomas
Director and Deputy Director, Manchester New Hampshire Health Department

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