Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. Case Study


Despite being a strong company performing well in their industry, the leadership team at Next Step recognized the need to take their business to the next level and make their company and employees even more successful. The management team members’ objective for executive leadership coaching was to not only raise their business knowledge, but also to identify competencies that they needed to develop as a result of their having medical and not business backgrounds.


Sojourn Partners first conducted meetings with a co-owner to discuss the business goals, aspirations and expectations for the firm’s future, and to assess opportunities the team members had for their development. Following Sojourn’s process of peer review and opportunity mining, it became clear that the company’s success was due in large part to its clients’ understanding of the quality of its services and its innovative approach, which while good, left many on the “outside” not knowing much about the company. The result: missed opportunities for business development.

Sojourn Partners’ meetings with the firm increased. Two meetings per month are now conducted with the vice president of operations and another member of the leadership team to support executive growth to coincide with the firm’s success. It was further determined that a need existed for a separate, facilitated off-site meeting with employees to build team alignment, enhance relationships and gather insight into their thoughts on the company and how it could improve. As information was gathered, Sojourn Partners provided custom-designed, creative solutions aimed at providing the management team with renewed focus.


The information gathered in the coaching meetings identifying opportunities and challenges at the employee level. Systems and procedures were reworked to better provide for not only sustainability, but also stronger employee morale and teamwork. In addition, senior staff was mentored in transformational leadership practices, allowing them to lead a larger organization and extend the firm’s brand beyond the walls of the firm.

The executive leadership team members came to the understanding that their challenges were not unique, but were shared by many, and they had the opportunity to learn some of the best practices for dealing with these challenges. Most significantly, the company and its representatives are now recognized in the greater community, with senior leadership and employees holding board and committee appointments. Networking and community outreach is now common practice at Next Step.

In addition, Next Step’s mission extends far beyond the firm. The company is participating in the transformation of the industry.

Sojourn Partners provided insight that has allowed employees to grow and the company to receive the leadership needed to further its success.

“We know we’re better for working with Sojourn Partners.”

– Matt Albuquerque, Owner/Vice President of Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics

“We know we’re better for working with Sojourn Partners.”

– Matt Albuquerque, Owner/Vice President of Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics

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