Executive Angus Douglas Case Study


At the time Angus Douglas reached out to Sojourn Partners, he was doing well but had become stagnant in his career. He had lost sight of his goals and did not have a clear vision for what he could accomplish with his talents and skill set. He was in the midst of determining which major global corporation to work for and was at a critical juncture. Sojourn Partners helped Douglas realize his potential again.

As a sales professional with two strong offers on the table, Douglas said his ambition was to become a senior executive in sales and marketing, and he wanted to make the correct decision that would create a performance and promotional track for his development. After an initial set of meetings with Sojourn, he decided to work for the firm where he could make the biggest impact. This set the stage for Sojourn to continue coaching Douglas to reach his ultimate goals.


Sojourn Partners stepped in, and through a series of focused, collaborative meetings and assessments, helped Douglas see that his thinking was self-limiting and that he could pursue numerous options. In addition, our firm helped determine his leadership strengths and how to apply them appropriately, made him accountable for his leadership growth, and provided direct feedback about his approach and results. Essentially, Sojourn Partners restored Douglas’ vision for his career and helped him plot out where he wanted to be and how to get there, assisting him in getting his first management job, building his internal corporate brand as a leader, and creating the behaviors and relationships he needed for success. It was very much a collaborative effort. Douglas benefited from a process and point of reflection that was honest, straightforward and on time. This allowed him to direct his energy toward meaningful change. As Douglas put it, it was not always that we, as the executive leadership coaching firm, said something that was entirely new, but that we helped elicit ideas and action from within him. “Sometimes perspective is everything,” said Douglas. “We tend to get lost in the trees.”


Douglas ultimately contracted with Sojourn Partners for several years and received numerous promotions, increased levels of responsibility and is still considered a high-potential professional in his field. Not only did our firm assist him in getting his first management job, but we helped him succeed at that job by providing advice to help him navigate issues and challenges that came up in his new position. Working together, Douglas and Sojourn Partners were able to take him from sales representative to vice president within three years, and he is now positioned for even further growth in his current role. Through this dedicated coaching relationship, he found his potential and path to personal success and actually executed on it.

“Perspective, knowledge, vision and enthusiasm – that’s what Sojourn Partners brings to the table.”

– Executive Angus Douglas

“Perspective, knowledge, vision and enthusiasm – that’s what Sojourn Partners brings to the table.”

– Executive Angus Douglas

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