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Did you know that the average American gives up on their New Year’s resolutions within the first 10 days of January each year and that only 8% of people actually achieve the goals they set their sights on at the end of the year?  Since many of us make resolutions to achieve at work, grow our businesses to the next level or simply get organized and reduce stress.  February is a great time of year to revisit those great intentions we had on Dec 31st and put systems in place to achieve our goals.  Her is a system you can implement in your business THIS WEEK to get back on track to exceed your goals for 2015.

Either individually or as a team take 20 minutes to answer the following questions:

What is going on?

If you had to give a metaphor or image for what is going on right now (on our team, projects, relationships) what would that look like? Examples might be that we are all rowing hard but at different times so the boat is going in circles, we are all playing soccer but the whole team is moving together after the ball and no one is staying in their position or we are all on different roads but heading to the same destination.

Is it working?

Ask how you want it to be? Maybe you are on track with your business plan or on growing the business  – if so great. If not ask what people want instead. Examples might be we want to be like a Nascar pit crew, planets that are all aligned or everyone pulling the cart together.

What would it be like if we were working like that?

This gets into the outcomes we could have – how could this help us, what would we gain? What would we get rid of? What would we achieve from here?

Lastly, what can we do to get there?

Name 1-3 things that the team could do to move implement this. Perhaps it is changing the format of your meetings, adding in some sort of accountability to help move things along, changing the mindset from “why we can’t” to “why we could” or having team members get together one-on-one for coffee once a month to get to know each other better.

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