Influencing Change Beyond the Sojourn Walls

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The Day America Stood Still

The Future of Everything. There are many situations that bring us to the precipice of matters, in both our private and business lives. Going to the very end of things is sometimes needed, sometimes a thrill and sometimes a risk. You know the feeling when you walk up...

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Groucho Marx Had a Point

The Future of Everything. Why do we belong to the organizations we do? Why don’t we belong to others? When Groucho Marx resigned from the Delaney Club he wrote a note to the Board explaining why: “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”  I...

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Developing a Culture of Coaching

The Future of Everything Last month we were invited to speak at an American Society for Training and Development ASTD, and this was a big deal for us. It’s hard to address peers who know more than you do about a subject and have read all the same books. We were asked...

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Don’t Let Perfect Be The Enemy of Good

The Future of Everything When I worked in corporate finance (a long time ago) we used the philosophy of “measure twice and cut once” as a way to make sure we were careful and thoughtful about our work. It always reminded us to double check, and to get it right the...

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The Stubbornness of Success

The Future of Everything I’m proud to say that my son Liam completed his Eagle Scout requirements this March. After his presentation to the Eagle Board, we were driving home and I asked him how it felt. He said it felt so good and he was glad he never quit. He went on...

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Mr. Magoo Would Be Proud

The Future of Everything In the early 1950’s, a cartoon character of enduring quality was born. Quincy Magoo was a nice enough person who had achieved some success in life but suffered from a condition that only allowed him to see short distances. Subsequently, Mr....

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Ambition – It’s Not a Dirty Word

The Future of Everything There is a story about President Reagan in his final years, where he took a miniature White House out of a fish tank, and held it tightly. When his wife, Nancy, asked him what he had, he replied that he did not know, but he thought it had...

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Narrowing the Generational Divide

The Future of Everything Prejudice is just plain ugly, no matter what group it is directed at. I was reminded of this sad fact this morning as I pondered an unrecognized bias that is critically important to all of our futures and needs to be addressed immediately. I...

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There is No Silver Bullet

The Future of Everything I have to wonder where all the great leaders are in our presidential politics. Those of a Democratic persuasion are not running because the party has already chosen their candidate, for good or bad. The Republicans seem to have a field of...

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