Human nature is to find stability so change is only natural for people to resist. See how to face change head-on and with purpose in your organization.

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Communication in the Workplace

Learn how to communicate with other team members in the workplace. Every person is different and we need to focus on how they need to hear information.

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& Leadership

Mindfulness is present moment awareness without judgment. See how mindfulness allows people to break the stress cycle.

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Your team members know how to be successful as individuals, but working on an executive team requires a higher level of relational practice.

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AllCoach™ On-Demand

Professional management competencies are distributed directly to everyone within the firm through AllCoach On-Demand.

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One on One Coaching

It’s about transforming people and organizations – moving them forward to their fullest potential.

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Strategic Planning

Strategy defines where your organization wants to go. This planning process must go beyond aspirations.

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Sojourn Coaching

Focusing on Coaching

Enable already successful executives to reach their ultimate potential and professional mission. Coaching harnesses and directs a high-potential professional's energy towards leadership portfolio growth, developing executive brand, influence, and inspiration appeal for the purposes of transforming the organization and its goals.

Sojourn Insights

I'm on vacation

Still Putting Off a Vacation? 6 Reasons To Take Your Break

Being a huge proponent of taking breaks and clearing the decks, I noticed my own summer calendar had yet to

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feet in sand

Keeping Your Team on Track Through the Summer

Our answer is don’t! Do everything you can to allow them to take a much needed break. Even though during

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selling your story

Using Your Personal Story to Stand Up and Be Noticed

We buy from people we like and we hire people who will connect with our culture.  Whenever we say “

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seperate chairs

End Department Division

How do you pull together a company where every department or office works in their own individual world and has

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