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In our last blog, we discussed how you build confidence through trying and failure. Examples of building confidence through failure are great, but how do you take action in trying and failure?

Take Action

Let’s challenge each other to examine our confidence. Instilling confidence in others does not mean just cheering people on. It means being honest, supportive, and encouraging some level of failure. This is how we build success, a great team, a great company, and ultimately contribute positively to the world. I challenge you all with the following actions:

  • Try things that are a stretch. Sometimes we protect ourselves from failure by not trying at all. We may rationalize this by saying, “it’s not worth it”. However, we are protecting our confidence from taking a blow. It won’t hurt that much if you don’t let it.
  • When you fail, realize it is part of the journey. Take stock of the situation, smile to yourself, and calculate what is next along that path. This may include trying again. On the second try you should have more confidence.
  • Take your own council on the situation. People who care about you may try to protect you from failure or save you. Listen to yourself about your goals and what things you will learn.
  • After failure, don’t disappear. Call the people involved and thank them for the opportunity and ask questions about how you can improve. Be recognized as fearless and enlist them in championing you. People love the underdog and will try to help you next time.
  • When someone else fails at something, do not feel bad for them. Get excited about what is next for them.
  • Know that people are attracted to confidence. You may even make the cut because they feel it from you. Confidence is both attractive and contagious.

In all honesty, I admire people most when they have overcome something. We all have our stories of failure and struggle to tell. However, what creates lasting confidence and personal growth is our ability to learn from failure. This builds a cache of experience that prepare us for the challenges that may lie ahead


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