In our last blog, we discussed why building a culture of coaching is difficult.  Whether it is one’s inability for self-reflection, challenges of finding the right coach, or the inability to get universal buy-in. In this blog, we provide some ideas on how you can work towards building a supportive coaching atmosphere:

Steps to Progress

Consider the following steps towards building buy-in towards a culture of coaching:

  • Host a meeting with those in the organization who have embraced coaching. It could be Human Resources, or it could be the obvious people in your organization who practice high emotional intelligence. You know who they are. Define what coaching is to your organization and discuss how to expand the coaching culture.
  • If you do not have someone who is focused on this issue, expand Human Resources to include it or retain an outside practitioner who can work with Human Resources to guide the process.
  • When designing anything, include all levels of the organization. If the CEO can benefit, so can the front-line worker. It is especially important that top management is a sponsor of coaching and is practicing these skills as well.
  • Coaching is a personal process. While technology can support the coaching effort, there is no substitute for personal connection. Courses and programs delivered exclusively online will help educate, but unless there is a method for dialogue, it will be difficult to shift culture.


Stephen Covey once said, “There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.” Change and choice come from within, and we have the power to shape them. In the future, we will all be coaching each other all the time towards these principles. That’s what will make us our most productive and happy. Only then will coaching as a concept be second nature in the workplace.

As practitioners who specialize in coaching, Sojourn Partners is here to help support your organization’s drive towards a culture of coaching. We offer several programs to help get your organization moving forward. Our AllCoach program is focused on the entire organization and not just senior leaders. This program can help build the universal buy-in needed to create the coaching culture you need.