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Connecting with the Generations

Connecting with the Generations

Generation X, the 'latchkey kids' of America, were the first generation left to their own devices with two working parents from the time they were young. They got from home to school, to activities and back home with a key around their necks, building the confidence...

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The Power in Being Grateful

When going through a difficult stretch in my life, someone once asked me, “What is it that gets you through?”   Much to my surprise, the word “gratitude” found its way to my lips. The odd thing was I did not know where it came from, or how it found its way into my...

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Avoiding Burnout in Healthcare Careers

Healthcare is tough. Whether you work directly with patients in a hospital or physician’s office, deal with administration issues such as compliance, insurance billing, Medicare/Medicaid compliance and reimbursements, or you're involved at a higher level drafting...

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Getting Ready to Transition Your Business

It’s your business and at some point you know you will move on. There are areas to consider that aren’t just about the financials.  In a workshop with 20 small business owners from the Dover Chamber of Commerce, we explored some of these areas and emerged with several...

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