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The Facilitator:

Heather_May2015_by_Lomanno_0273-1Heather Ramsey has been training groups in business, nonprofit and higher education for over 20 years.  She is a PCC certified professional coach with the International Coaches Federation and has her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Heather thrives on creating an experience that is relevant to each participant’s needs and growth aspirations.  Here is what some of her participants have said –

“Heather Ramsey from Sojourn Partners can relate to any audience. She knows how to capture attention, build interest, and importantly, stimulate creative thinking.”  CS Marketing Specialist

“Heather’s executive coaching skills are unparalleled. She seamlessly blends a high degree of professionalism with just the right personal touch to help her clients bring out the very best in themselves and their own teams.”  JB Law Firm Owner

Session 1:
Understanding the different levels of leadership is key in growing someone from just a manager to one that is able to see things from a 20,000 foot level. In this session we explore building transformational leadership and emotional intelligence. Each participant creates their personal vision of leadership to set intentions for the upcoming year.

Session 2:
Managing, Mentoring and Coaching
In this session, we define the different hats a manager wears in interactions with direct reports, peers, team members and supervisors. We brainstorm on how to create an environment of collaboration within in-person or virtual teams. A demonstration of a coaching conversation illustrates the impact a conversation can have on others if approached from the coaching perspective. This session kicks off the first of 3 opportunities to coach others in small breakouts. Each coaching session allows for feedback not only from the client but also observers (either peers or the instructor or both).

Session 3:
Identifying Key Motivators
Understanding what motivates you and those around you is a powerful tool in learning how to approach and engage different personalities.  Understanding values allows leaders to encourage and utilize diversity among team members. In this session, participants will learn tools for identifying these values and then practicing these in coaching breakouts with peers.

Session 4:
Objectivity in Conversations
Approaching challenging situations from an outside view removes emotion and judgment from heated situations. This session introduces powerful questions, self awareness and levels of listening to create productive conversations from an objective view point. Each participant will practice these skills in breakout sessions and experience the impact that they have on conversations.

Session 5:
Being an Influencer
Now that participants have some of the basic skills for leading, we turn the focus to helping them have a greater impact on the whole. We use 4 key components to move ideas and initiatives forward within the organization no matter where one is on the leadership ladder. Participants walk away with a model for influencing change within the organization and the belief that their ideas can make a difference.

Session 6:
A Road for the Future
In this session, we pull together the lessons learned from this series and solidify what it means to each participant to lead like a coach. We personalize the vision of what this will look like in the future and set structures in place to help build in continued movement and accountability.

Program Fees:

Includes a series of six (6) 1.5 hour live virtual sessions delivered over a period of approximately 2 months with 12 participants.

1 Participant: $950 for the entire series

2 – 5 Participants from one organization: $850 per person for the entire series

6+ Participants from one organization: Contact us for a customized series curriculum and pricing

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