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Whether it brainstorming about the future of work or reflecting on leadership current events, we want your perspective. Let’s have some productive, provocative and inspiring conversations sojourn-partner-youtube-icon

Creating Change in the Organization

HR as a Strategic Partner

How To Handle Bullying

Communication In The Workplace

Motivating Through Inquiry

Having Confidence

Mindfulness and Leadership

Listening Actively

Mindfulness and Stress with Exercise

Testimonial: SYLVIO DUPUIS

Testimonial: Heidi Copeland

Testimonial: Andrea Deshaies

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Are you trapped in a job you hate, but can’t let it go because you are afraid it is the

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Is Retirement a “Bad” Word?

You’re excited about retirement, right? You’ve worked hard for, what, four or five decades now? You’re due. No more early

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