Russ Ouellette, DM

Dr. Russ Ouellette is a recognized expert in high performance coaching, executive leadership and organizational development.  He brings to his clients a vast background of industry and functional diversity.  He holds a Doctorate in Management, an MBA and is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute.   As Managing Partner and Founder of Sojourn Partners, Russ consulting centers on senior executives and executive teams.

Active in community affairs, he served as Past Chair of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Past Chair of Leadership Greater Manchester and is currently on the Board of Directors for both New Hampshire Catholic Charities and the Business & Industry Association of NH.  He also is an Adjunct Professor at New England College where he has led over 100 Graduate courses and held role as the Graduate School Program Director for 6 years. Russ has also authored two books, The Leadership Advantage (2013) and The Future of Everything: Strategies for Successful Business Behavior (2015).

Areas of Expertise: Leadership Development and Training, Executive Coaching, Culture and Climate assessment and planning, Engagement, Organizational Development and Change, Strategic Planning and Policy, Employee Motivation and Team Building.

Russ Ouellette’s Prepared Presentations:

The Future of Everything:
Why Social Networking is So Important to Our Professional & Organizational Future

Our professions, organizations and leadership have reached a productivity peek. Our computers can go faster and our intentions can get stronger, but our productivity has reached the socio-technical extremes. Recent technical, social and media trends are shaping a profound organizational shift that will change the future of how we lead, manage and organize, which will eventually change everything. As professionals from all corners of business and society adapt to new social realities, those who understand why these shifts are important will have the advantage to compete and advance their missions.

Test Your Culture…If You Are Ready for the Answer
Why Culture Drives the Direction of Your Organization

While culture is only one part of the successful business equation, it is a primary means to motivation and productivity. The culture of a firm is the tone in which we speak to each other, the sharing of values and a primary source of social belonging. Culture is a difficult thing to control because it is the sum of many moving parts, including the culture the leaders embody, the experiences that employees bring with them and the micro pockets of culture that are impossible to have any control over. Learning how to control the trajectory of your organizations culture, if done with authenticity, can be managed over time.

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