Pauline E. Wallner, D.M.

Dr. Pauline E. Wallner, D.M., is an expert in all aspects of organizational and individual development. Her expertise in marketing, financial management, leadership, diversity, team-building, and strategic planning, allows her to work with mid-level and senior executives, regardless of their academic and corporate background. Pauline’s philosophy that, Learning + Sharing =Growth is demonstrated in the way she conducts the need-assessment for each individual and co-develops a success-driven strategic plan for each coaching assignment. Not only does she coach the client to success, she mentors the client to become more proficient in navigating his or her way through organizational and business climate. As a global leader and trainer, Dr. Wallner brings several years of experience to each client relationship and can work within many disciplines.

Dr. Wallner has coached and trained hundreds of men and women from private and publicly-traded firms, nonprofits and government entities (including the United States military, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Transportation). Her facilitation expertise includes the delivery of leadership, diversity, customer service, accounting, financial management, budgeting, marketing, strategy (thinking, planning, execution, and performance) in both public and customized onsite forums.

During her tenure in the corporate environment, Dr. Wallner worked in the banking, construction, distribution, leisure, telecommunications, electric, gas, water, wastewater, and data management industries. Additionally, as a key faculty member in a global leadership development action-learning program, Dr. Wallner works extensively in Japan to facilitate the growth and professional development of global leaders, working in multiple countries and cultures.

Her consulting tenure includes 2nd tier relationships with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Selective Insurance, Thales Avionics, and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA); Bahamas Telecommunications Company, Cooper Rubber & Tire, Hitachi, Tsubakimoto, Parametric Technologies Company, Primavera, T-Mobile, Kuraray, Anritsu, U.S, Anritsu, Japan, Anritsu, United Kingdom, Canadian Management Center, Griffiths’ Energy, Cooper Rubber & Tire, NGEBE, St. Maarten, Prudential, U.S. Navy, Boston Scientific, Department of Transportation, Goldman Sachs, Japan, Citigroup, Japan, Department of Homeland Security (TSA), and TESA Tape.

Dr. Wallner earned four degrees in different disciplines: marketing (AA), finance (BS), and a master of business administration (MBA). She also holds a doctor of management (D.M.) in organizational leadership degree. Her studies included theoretical and applied knowledge in various aspects of transformational and transactional leadership and organizational design.

To complete her dissertation, Dr. Wallner designed, developed, and validated a new quantitative survey instrument titled, Organizational Diversity Management Intervention Climate Assessment (ODMICA) to explore organizational diversity capacity and individual leadership readiness.

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