Heather Ramsey, MA, CPCC

Heather Ramsey is dedicated to helping individuals and teams define and fulfill their leadership development.  Her clients move forward fueled, not only by their vision, but also with the emotional intelligence to effectively navigate complex situations. Her education and experience is a complimentary mix of business, counseling and education. She is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Federation with a B.S. in Business Management from Northeastern University and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University.

Currently located in Rome Italy Heather has cultivated and worked with executives all over the world. Some of her consulting and coaching clients have included Nike, SNHU, WEX, Skanska and Microsoft as well law firms, financial institutions, international manufacturing, engineering, nonprofits, healthcare, software, retail and small businesses.

Areas of Expertise: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Customized Communication, Employee Motivation, Professional Brand Advancement, Public Speaking, Career Growth Strategy, Team Building, In-person & Virtual Training and Overseas Transitions.


 Heather Ramsey’s Prepared Presentations:

Enhancing Communication:
The Three Levels of Listening

As individuals and teams continue to improve their abilities to communicate, the one piece that is often lacking is the ability to listen. Learning to listen is the key to effective communication. This presentation provides hands on tools that show how listening on all three levels helps to improve not only what they learn from another person, but how they develop a stronger foundation within the relationship.

Conflict Resolution:
Managing and Resolving Conflicts Positively

Conflict is an inevitable part of every business and personal relationship. After all, people can’t be expected to agree on everything all the time. However, nothing can stop productivity faster than unresolved conflicts. In this presentation, Heather utilizes both her counseling and business background to provide key strategies that arm team members with ways to minimize conflict before it even begins.

Networking Fundamentals:
Building Better Relationships

Networking is an integral part of building a successful and fulfilling career. In this presentation Heather provides valuable tools to help strengthen professionals ability to build and utilize internal and external networks (some of which you didn’t even know you had!)

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