Debra LeClair Psy.D


With a strong background in behavior change, leadership development, stress management and brain science, Dr. Debra LeClair utilizes a multidimensional approach in working with clients to move through obstacles in meeting career and personal aspirations. She also consults and trains in corporations, non-profit agencies and public schools to implement positive cultural change, improve interpersonal communication and enhance talent retention and management.

Debra holds Masters degrees in both Clinical and Applied Psychology and earned her Doctorate in Applied Psychology from Rutgers University.   She is a Certified Life Coach and Peoplemap Trainer™ as well as a trained executive coach.   Through cultivating her own practice across traditions and completing trainings through the medical schools at both UMASS and Harvard as well as Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Debra has been teaching tailored mindfulness programs that address presence based leadership and employee well-being.

Based on her commitment to human potential, Debra co-founded Full Spectrum Wellness LLC, a holistic health and learning center that has thrived since opening in 2002. She has served on the board of directors for the Women’s Business Center and the business committee for the Manchester Young Professionals Network. In 2007, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) awarded Debra the NH Women in Business Champion of the Year.

Areas of Expertise:  Executive Coaching, Mindfulness Based Leadership Development, Employee Wellness, Team Building, Effective Communication, Employee Engagement, Public Speaking, Career Growth, Creativity Flow Strategy

Debra LeClair’s Prepared Presentations:

Improving Communications & Team Building:
Creating Win-Win Conversations

Understanding how different personalities are motivated by values that are sometimes at odds with each other is the key to improving communication across teams, within departments and in one on one situations. Using the proven Peoplemap™ System, Debra will lead participants through a process to enhance their self-awareness around their own personality type and communication style. Participants will ultimately learn how to overcome blind spots in order to communicate more effectively by way of all parties getting their ideas heard and needs met. Take aways include a common language for organizations to productively talk about how they communicate and methods that can easily be utilized as soon as an employee walks out of the training.

Managing Stress & Mindfulness:
“One Stress Melt with a Side of Serenity, Please”

Tension and anxiety seem to be an ever-present part of the day, especially in environments where the demands on employees and leaders have measurable increased. Participants will learn what’s really underneath the stress and how to foster their mind’s ability to move into being mindful, while breaking their own cycles of worry and negativity. Debra will facilitate opportunities to shift into a more focused and balanced state of being and then introduce practical ways to integrate mindfulness into daily living, at work, home and everywhere in between.

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