Sojourn Partners Adds Specialist to their Coaching Team

Sojourn Partners of Bedford, New Hampshire merges with Demarest Directions of Amherst NH to expand career and retirement development services and meet market demand for career succession planning. Sandy Demarest, a Certified Career Management and Certified Retirement Options Coach will manage career services for Sojourn Partners as they expand to meet the talent demands and workforce pressures that many businesses are experiencing in attracting and retaining professionals.

An experienced career and retirement options specialist, Sandy has created market proven coaching programs that instill purpose and meaning into professional clients’ work roles and retirement transitions.

Russ Ouellette, President of Sojourn Partners, commented, “As career transitioning service, talent demands and baby boomers begin to transition,  Sojourn will focus on ‘best fit’ for innovative companies”. He goes on, “…as companies like Amazon and Apple adopt coaching and new career services, the rest will follow to close the talent gap, and Sojourn is uniquely positioned to meet this demand.”

Sandy harnessed her professional experience during her job transition. She notes, “I took my own advice and got to know the people at Sojourn Partners first, and found an exceptional and contemporary team to join, one on which I could apply everything Demarest Directions created, and many new programs that we’re collectively developing. It is a perfect fit.”

Heather Ramsey, Senior Partner & Executive Coach at Sojourn said, “As baby boomers age out of the workplace, and millennials seek their best fit positions, Sandy’s skills bring exceptional value to professionals at a crucial time in their lives.”

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  1. Kathy Sousa says:

    Congratulations Sandy and Well Done Sojurn Partners for adding a fine Jewel to your team! W

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