Sojourn Partners Virtual Sessions:

Take Charge of Your Career Development

Career development isn’t something that happens to us, it is a process in which we are at minimum active participants and are ideally the drivers. By taking charge and owning your career path, you will create career promotion opportunities. No one will care as much about your career as you do.




Mindfulness Essentials: Pure Practice

Training the brain to be mindful brings you into the present moment, where you can better read the room, feel curious instead of anxious and fully focus on your most important thing.  True training starts with regular meditation practice, especially since it’s the most direct way to create a more resilient and responsive nervous system. This month, get the ball rolling and join us for a guided mindfulness practice you can do right there at your desk.   All levels of experience welcome, including novice.




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Lead Like a Coach

Great leaders transform relationships into results and they do that through powerful coaching tools.  This series will allow you to leverage your unique leadership style, use proven communication tools and techniques to motivate your teams. This virtual series is designed to help leaders step into their positions more powerfully so that they can have greater impact on their teams and feel great about the work that they are doing.

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