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Be Bold – Building Confidence for Success

Confidence is everything. Your confidence effects your ambition, direction, decisions and opportunities. Yet it is only talked about when it affects us in a negative way. The fact is, we all suffer from not being as fully confident as we should be. This lack of confidence holds us back, makes us withdraw from being as bold and lean into situations that would make us successful. As a leader, are we inspiring confidence in others, and are we turning on ambition in others? If you want to fundamentally understand confidence and begin to build yours and others, please join us.

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Lead Like a Coach

Great leaders transform relationships into results and they do that through powerful coaching tools.  This series will allow you to leverage your unique leadership style, use proven communication tools and techniques to motivate your teams. This virtual series is designed to help leaders step into their positions more powerfully so that they can have greater impact on their teams and feel great about the work that they are doing.

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