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What Will Your Retirement Look Like?

Do you find yourself looking out the window dreaming about less stress, more time to pursue hobbies, relax and live the life you really want? You have been waiting for retirement for years and now it is just around the corner.  But as it gets closer, you start wondering what you will do. It should be so easy, but you’ve been so caught up with work and family, you have lost your way in being clear on your interests – you feel stuck.  Join us at LaBelle Winery for our Three Part Series


WEBINAR: Thurs, Aug 30th: Remote Connectivity – Keeping Remote & Multi Location Employees Engaged

Firms with multiple office locations and remote team members require extra relationship attention for which many of today’s leaders are not prepared. Without direct human contact, spoken and written words can be misunderstood or taken out of context. When people aren’t present with each other to work it out, nonverbal cues can be missed and a simple miscommunication can create confusion and waste time, energy and decrease productivity and job satisfaction.

Conscious Leadership Development Program

A program for mid-to-senior level executives who are looking to hone their leadership skills not only to create an organization built for success in the 21st century but also to reach a level of personal fulfillment. Over 6 months, participants engage in an intense leadership development practice. Enrolling now for Fall 2018.

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