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What if we told you that one simple idea could transform your entire organization? An idea that could spur innovation, increase profits, and decrease employee turnover? Something that would not only improve your organization, but also provide a deeper sense of personal fulfillment for you and your employees. The answer is Conscious Leadership, and we believe it’s real.

What Does it Mean to Have Conscious Leaders?

Applying conscious leadership brings a humanistic approach to the workplace. It recognizes the impact that a leader’s beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors have in the greater context of the business. A conscious leader is in-tune with their workforce and surroundings, and has the flexibility of thought to make decisions based on the wellbeing of everyone in the organization, not just their own. They take responsibility and lead from a position of empathy and integrity.

What is the Value of Conscious Leadership?

Practicing Conscious Leadership–and employing those who have been trained in this approach–benefits both the workforce and the organization at large. A 2017 study from Mental Health America, Inc. revealed that salary is not a primary motivating factor in employee satisfaction. Instead, feeling valued is more important than compensation to most employees. Another study showed a 31% increase in retention rates through Conscious Leadership practices.

Employing the Right Leaders for a New Business Climate

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, you cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew. Without a doubt, the business climate in America is changing. The days of working forty years in a job that merely pays the bills and offers little else has become obsolete. Businesses who don’t seek out Conscious Leadership in their workplaces risk suffering from turnover and employee dissatisfaction.

Today, employees are looking for organizations that combine productivity with personal growth. Likewise, customers are looking for brands that align with their personal values and demonstrate a true commitment to a better world. Scores of the world’s most successful companies stand as testaments that Conscious Leadership can guide any company toward greater success, employees toward more fulfillment, and individuals toward a greater sense of purpose.

What Are the Traits of a Conscious Leader?

  • A conscious leader aspires to inspire
  • Works to build a culture of trust
  • Uses negative outcomes as a means to grow
  • Unleashes creativity and innovation
  • Recognizes the specific talents of each employee
  • Leads by example and fosters encouragement
  • Creates a culture of support
  • Listens uncritically and is open to new ideas
  • Operates from a position of optimism and potential

Conscious Leadership Training in NH & MA

Sojourn Partners offers training for organizations to improve their quality of leadership for a new business world. We help corporations build and retain better leaders and employees. Begin to grow your business in ways that matter, and contact Sojourn Partners today!

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