Conscious Leadership Retreat

Evolving Your Leadership – Half-Day Retreat:

Spring 2018

“It was inspirational!  It felt real, true and positive yet structured and on task”

Sojourn Partners has developed an introductory session for those looking to explore Conscious Leadership and the potential for success it holds for their companies.

Specifically, you will learn how to: 

  • Get unstuck so you’re not in your own way
  • Trust in your decision making to lead intentionally
  • Use the good in your mistakes to see your growth edges and chart a course
  • Inspire and keep inspiring to authentically connect with your team
  • Hone your learner’s mindset to build capacity for flexible and strategic thinking

Our program also includes:

  • An immersive retreat experience at Alnoba
  • An introduction into Conscious Leadership and how you can begin to apply its principles within your organization
  • An opportunity to learn practices to promote emotional intelligence and mindfulness
  • Light and healthy refreshments

People Are Saying:

“The Conscious Leadership retreat was a great opportunity to step back from the daily grind and refocus holistically on management style, staff needs and overall operations. As a result, I left feeling energized as well as more self-aware and connected.” – Paula L.

“After the Conscious Leadership retreat, I felt more self-aware and confident, especially in trusting in my own decision making and figuring out how to get myself unstuck.” – Traci C.

“I would recommend this retreat for any leader or business owner who wants to enhance their ability to think more strategically.” – Nicole M.

Program Pricing:  $400 per person

For more information contact:

Trinnie Houghton at or

Debra LeClair at

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