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Your team members know how to be successful as individuals, but working on an executive team requires a higher level of relational practice. Teams need to listen to one another, build open and honest relationships, practice a great deal of trust and operate in ambiguous gray areas of thought. How to do this with the challenge of priority and time gets in the way of your executive team really operating as one thoughtful unit for growth and change.

Learn to apply team, leadership and strategic concepts
in current situations

Our coaches work with your team through individual and team assessment and through experiential learning. Team members learn team, leadership and strategic concepts and apply them to current situations, thus integrating these skills into their DNA. To support maximized performance and continued development, we meet with you and your team and then coach all of you together.  Our objective is to work on both team and individual competencies that directly impact the whole.

Each coaching engagement is customized to the team’s desired development and their skill level. The co-active approach to groups ensures that together, we create a high-functioning team, capable of sustained improvement. The team is engaged because they have set their vision for a high performing team. With the guidance of the coaching exercises, they will develop the actions necessary to achieve it.

This is deeper than just a training or a retreat. This is real time solutions that promote transparency and trust, not only within your team, but throughout the entire company.

This engagement could include, but is not limited to: Team 360 evaluations, short-term individual coaching in preparation for team learning, custom workshops or off-site events designed around the discovered needs of the team, follow-up/check-in coaching to refine skills and measure progress, additional tools and processes based on team needs.

  • Create self-awareness that is transparent
  • Create meaningful dialog amongst the team about the team
  • Develop and/or improve team competencies
  • Develop and/or improve team relationships and support
  • Align the team around change and growth strategies
  • Create a sense of “team” and “support” for each other during change
  • Build a mechanism for systematic dialog as a team
  • Create a framework to examine and reflect on culture

Improve professional relationships and communication of the executive team, thereby improving these values throughout the organization


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