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Strategy defines where your organization wants to go. This planning process must go beyond aspirations. Sojourn’s approach to strategy is action oriented and will never be a performance exercise. Our approach is that of a guide and peer, working with your team through tangible realities and situations. Our sleeves are rolled up and we work with you through thoughtful, custom designed exercises that are meaningful to your team. In addition, we do this with your team, engaging them in the work so that they own it.

Strategic planning events and engagements start with your ideas and end with detailed strategic priorities, tactical action plans, achievement targets, alignment plans and organizational changes. In addition, Sojourn can stay with you through execution and ensure that your “plan” is more than a report on a bookshelf.

Strategic execution in real time – it’s lasting and repeatable. It’s a journey and Sojourn Partners
can help lead the way, taking strategy and execution to a whole new level of transformation.

Coaching “…make(s) a significant difference in overall organizational effectiveness by improving teamwork and ability to execute strategy.” – Human Resource Planning, 2007


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