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Welcome to Sojourn Partners! We’re an executive coaching team that combines relational, social, and developmental techniques with proven business principles. Through one-on-one coaching sessions with both executives and ground-floor employees, we help leaders of all levels bring their best, most focused self to the workplace.

Practical Executive Leadership Sessions

  • Helping all leaders understand their potential
  • Inspiring employees through personal coaching
  • Improving executive effectiveness
  • Practical, hands-on leadership training
  • Analysis of organization pitfalls and successes

Leadership Training for Employees

Through individualized leadership coaching, we help employees of all levels understand their role, their strengths, and their potential. It’s only by assessing situations and responding in a real-world environment that professionals can turn their potential for success into a practical reality. Our executive leadership coaching helps employees understand their potential and their workplace leadership in a powerful lasting way.

Corporate Leadership Coaching for Executives

With a commitment to the leader’s agenda, Sojourn Partners works collaboratively with clients in an honest, objective, and supportive manner. Our goal is to not only guide, but to provide the motivation for taking meaningful action towards development and growth. Even if you are already a successful executive, our one-on-one executive coaching will help you reach your ultimate potential and professional mission.Sojourn Partners - One on One Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Process will Help You:

  • Develop a strong executive brand
  • Cultivate your influence and inspirational appeal
  • Adopt organization-specific leadership behaviors
  • Clarify your goals and actions as a leader
  • Build confidence and a strong leadership toolkit

Think you or your organization can benefit from one-on-one executive coaching with Sojourn Partners? Let’s talk today!

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