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Mindfulness is the ability to connect to what is happening in the present moment with greater objectivity and wisdom. In our distracted and stressful world, this skillset provides great value in how it translates into business practices, on the levels of productivity, focus and even more deeply on finding meaning and engagement through work.

The efficacy of mindfulness practice has been studied for decades and more recently, its positive impact within the workplace has also been the subject of applied research.

This process:

  • reduces mental and physical stressBusiness Meditation and Mindfulness
  • improves the brain’s ability to maintain concentration
  • decreases emotional reactivity
  • repairs cell damage that causes health issues such as cancer and premature aging
  • lowers blood pressure
  • increases immunity and resilience
  • enhances problem solving
  • bolsters creative and innovative thinking
  • expands emotional intelligence

At Sojourn, mindfulness training can be incorporated into 1:1 executive coaching to attune the brain to the demands of leadership and performance expectations.  It is also available as a 6-week course for teams and groups.


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