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“89% of executives in this year’s survey rated the need to strengthen, re-engineer, and improve organizational leadership as an important priority.”
– Global Human Capital Trends 2016 by Deloitte University Press

Welcome to Sojourn Partners! We’re a leadership coaching team that combines relational, social, and developmental techniques with proven business principles. Through personalized, relevant programs, we help leaders better understand their impact, influence, and potential.

As business leaders, we’re invested in our future leaders. Leaders in the workplace have to be prepared for any number of complex situations. There are constant changes in innovation, competition, and workplace cultures. If you want your leaders to be in-tune, conscientious, and confident as they navigate these situations, Sojourn Partners has the Leadership Development expertise you need.

Leadership Development Seminars for Your Business

At Sojourn Partners, we focus on bringing leadership concepts to the ground floor. We present relevant, real-life opportunities for leaders to learn what matters. Our Leadership Development Coaching directly influences employee retention and creates a positive impact on your bottom line.

Professional and Management Workshops

Our dynamic professional and management coaching program is customized for your specific leadership development needs. We offer strategic, practical training that includes:

  • Hands-on leadership sessions
  • Sojourn Partners - Professional and Management CoachingOngoing accountability between sessions
  • Cultivation of peer relationships
  • Individual assessments, debriefs, and class report
  • Supportive and challenging mentoring
  • Outlining leadership themes relevant to you
  • Company assessment and professional recommendations
  • Follow-up and support

Experienced Leadership Coaches for Every Business

Sojourn Partners is made up of a team of experienced and credentialed coaches. Our interactive training philosophy ensures that participants internalize the learning and go on to make positive strides in the workforce.

Custom Leadership Training Sessions

Our workplace leadership sessions are completely customizable. We can present in-person, virtually, or through a combination of both. We typically present over a period of time, giving leaders the chance to practice techniques before we reconvene.

Our Leadership Development Programs are for:

Rising leaders, supervisors, and managers of all levels
Professionals experiencing challenges or seeking advancement
Executives looking to refresh their leadership techniques

Think you’d benefit from corporate leadership development with Sojourn Partners? Let’s talk today!


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