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Organizational culture represents the language, relationship and norms that allow you to produce work and achieve results. Culture matters and if left alone, it will take a natural path that can work, or not work. Culture is something that is built over time, but you can control how it evolves if you pay attention to it. We have developed a cultural assessment that will pinpoint how to move your culture in the optimal direction, allowing us to help you smoothly navigate through the shift.

Change the culture and climate of your organization

Sojourn Partners - Culture and ClimateCompanies recognize the importance of performance, but not always the connection to the organization’s culture and climate. Companies need to design the desired culture and climate – ones that fit their goals, needs and desires – for the purposes of results and growth. Changing the culture and climate of an organization takes the full commitment of leaders at every level so that in the end, they embody what the organization needs to be successful.

This process measures:

  • Life cycle of your business and industry and your place in it
  • Why people work – Motivators that your people work for
  • Leadership and organizational style and purpose
  • Technical and strategic approaches to work
  • Norms, values and behaviors of your workforce


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