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Good peer advisory groups are everywhere. Great peer advisory groups are rare. At Sojourn, we are only interested in creating the best.

How to tell the difference? Great peer advisory groups demand a commitment to excellence and growth. Both from its members and its facilitator. Period.

At Sojourn, we specialize in facilitation and group coaching process.  We have collectively almost 35 years working with teams and organizations. We get systems. We get organizations. And we know how to get real with them.

We also know how to inspire the best from its group members.  It means getting the right people in the group.  We seek members who share our commitment to excellence and growth – both professionally and personally.

What’s The Process?

  • The heart of the Peer Advisory Groups is processing relevant, everyday challenges in real-time.  We understand the pressures group members face, such as:
    • Little time to strategize
    • Needing a sounding board and real feedback
    • Letting go of things
    • Aligning the team
    • Finding time to do the things you love to do
    • Hiring the right people
    • Retaining talent that fits your culture
    • Managing change
    • Having crucial conversations

We meet once a month for a half-day to run current issues that affect day-to-day operations. There is one person per industry seat.

Okay, What Am I Really Getting?

Really smart people contributing solutions to your complex issues.   Getting to tap the minds of brilliant thinkers in the room.  A place to feel safe to discuss these issues.  A place to be yourself.  A place to be challenged and championed.  A place to learn.

Expert facilitation with a certified executive coach in team and group dynamics.   Which means the knack for knowing when to ask, when to listen, when to challenge, and how to hold accountable.   This also means knowing how to get to the heart of an issue, so it doesn’t keep repeating.

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