NH Business Review – “Over Coming Procrastination”

In this article, originally published in New Hampshire Business Review, we look at ways to overcome procrastination and create ways to jump start your initiative to get things done.  Click here for the full article.

NHBR – “Nurturing Your Inner Influencer”

In this article, originally published in the New Hampshire Business Review, Heather looks at several ways to help influencers start the fire that moves change forward.  Click here for the full article.

Simplicity Breeds Clarity

Simplicity Breeds Clarity

The Future of Everything. The great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed to be simple is to be great.” Indeed, I was reminded of those words when I thought about the passing of Steve Jobs, yet I was compelled to consider the following words of wisdom as well. “Any colour, so long as it’s black” was uttered by…

What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You Stronger…

The Future of Everything. If You Have Enough Confidence to Try. A few years ago my son Liam announced that he has decided to try out for the school golf team. “Great,” I said, “but Liam, you have never played golf in your life.” To that he replied, “No worries, I’ll figure it out; how hard can it be?” Having been a hack golfer my…

Respect is the Solution to Everything

Respect is the Solution to Everything

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield made famous and drew a lot of laughs for his line, “I get no respect, I tell ya.”  In reality, a lack of respect is not a laughing matter.  In fact, when it comes to leadership, it can be one’s undoing. As I continue to explore leadership, teach its concepts, speak and write about it, I am always asked what one book…

Redefining Power in The Workplace: The Age of Creativity

Redefining Power in The Workplace

The Age of Creativity. Sir Francis Bacon coined the phrase in the 16th century, “Knowledge is power.” Since that time, leaders have built everything from small businesses to empires through focused knowledge and protection of information. Our institutions, structures and policies are designed to control information and knowledge for that reason. Therefore, successful leaders seek information to gain power that can be leveraged for success….

Bridging the Generational Gap at Work

Bridging the Generational Gap at Work

The Future of Everything The broadcaster J.B. Priestly put it perfectly when he said early in the last century, “There was no respect for youth when I was young, and now that I am old, there is no respect for age – I missed it coming and going.” It seems that generational divides are not new, nor should they be. Generational perspectives keep us moving…

Test Your Culture If You are Ready for The Answer

Test Your Culture . . . If You’re Ready for The Answer

The Future of Everything When coming back from a meeting with a CEO wanting to hire my firm, I felt uncomfortable, overwhelmed and a bit confused. This is not a common feeling I have, and it put me a bit on edge. I called my business partner, Elyse Barry, for a bit of coaching around these thoughts, and she crystallized something I should have known….

Allow Transformation?

Time to Get Out of The Way and Allow Transformation?

The Future of Everything General George S. Patton once said, “Lead me, follow me or get out of the way.” More than 50 years later, that famous quote takes on new meaning as we transform the way that modern workers both lead and follow. If we look at the world of business today, we need to ask if it’s time for a new way of…

Pay Positive Energy Forward

Pay Positive Energy Forward

The Future of Everything. Many years ago I had the pleasure of serving some local folks at a food kitchen. This meant that I helped serve the dinner to guests that evening, not heavy lifting, but certainly had an effect on my emotional energy. The interesting thing was that my energy was improved – not what I expected. One gentleman I encountered had a lasting…

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